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Comprised of education driven musicians from around the world, the Accidental Big Band's mission is to entertain, enrich, & expand the international music community with video performances, educational interviews, while advocating member supported charities/organizations.

"The piece was originally premiered with WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble together with String Octet written by Fung Chern Hwei in 2016. The melody of this composition came pretty much well formed in a quiet moment when I was sitting on the grass field facing Prinirvana Stupa in Kushinagar. This is where Gothama Buddha had his last breath, as legend has it. Samsara is the concept from Buddhism, meaning the wandering world, the cycle of aimless drifting or mundane existence." Tay Cher Siang, composer.


"Throughout the entire piece it was important to me to try and capture some of the musical ideas from India. Incorporating a tabla, udu, ankle bells and chimes really makes this chart come alive. The overencompassing struggle of trying to become the best individual we can really reside here. I believe that we as humans fight this inner feeling of complacency everyday while really trying to find our inner selves. Society, for the most part, really drives us to take solace in just following the norm and being a cog in the wheel when in reality we are driven to be the best versions of ourselves. My job as a composer, arranger, and musician is to take the audience members (and even the band) on a journey." - Jon C. Gardner, arranger.

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